Welcome to Derpy Bunnyverse

We craft conspicuously clever ways to help you connect with your customers.

Which, naturally, includes a plethora of shenanigans. Our goal is to help your business surprise and delight your prospects into gladly handing over ginormous bags of cash.

SEO + Web Copy

These two go together like chicken and waffles, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Our little word wizards are ready to pull out their thinking wizard hats and sort your keywords into something that will make your customers and Google sit up and take notice.

Web Design & Hosting

Need a site to shout out to the world that you’re the most amazingest, most wonderful business in the world? Let us do the heavy lifting, while you put your feet up and relax. It’s like hiring a moving company to unpack everything and put it exactly where you want it.

Digital Marketing

It’s a digital world baby, and we’re living in it. That means eyeballs are stuck inside of phones and laptops, and there’s no turning back now. We’ve got the skinny on everything from managing your online presence to churning out viral ads.

A casual observer

Kinda like a Nat Geo 'tog with our lens all up in your business

We’re writing blog posts about everything you can imagine, using derpy bunnies and sleeky sly foxes as well as other analogous creatures to illustrate the psychology of marketing.

The wonderful world of word wizarding

Oh the copywriting hijinks we're willing to get up to, for you.

Web Copy

Only the most titillating verbiage to get them all a’twitter. Silly or smart, we’ve got you.

Case Studies

Let us do some investigating and compile a report on how you’re helping your customers. Show ’em what you can really do, sparky.

Email Marketing

Sneak your services into their inbox, with a catchy headline not even a zombie could ignore.

Landing Pages

Seize your prospects and funnel them right into signing up for your newsletter, or better yet, sell them what you’ve got.

Social Media

Outviral the best of them with engaging stories that compel them better than a hypnotist.

Ad Campaigns

Become the business that college marketing teachers use to educate their students. Make 8348339 dollars in the process.

Why do our clients choose us?

We thought this part was obvious, but okay.

Maybe it’s because we’re hilarious. Maybe it’s because nobody can resist a perfectly boopable pink nose. We’d like to think it’s because cash is attracted to our work like a friggen’ magnet. But most likely it’s because our strategies work so effortlessly.

Smart & Creative Solutions

Like entertaining your prospects. If we can make 'em laugh, you can take their money.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

We're armed with techniques to streamline all of our processes, from gathering the info we need, to helping you with design choices.

Always in the know

We keep our paws on the pulse of what's trending, giving you a perfectly meme-able edge

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Website building

Smart design made stupid simple.

We’re obnoxiously adamant about user experience, which is why our web design team is such a stickler for making our websites easy to read, navigate, and load – especially on the go. Our gnomies tackle all of our favorite pet peeves, like slow loading pages, crappy design, and hard to read text.


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but wait, there's more!!!

Look, we know we’ve already done like seven sections on this page alone, but our gnomies insisted we share this info with you. Guess it’s important, idk.

Cute Bunnies

What more could you possibly want? Our blog has it all: Advice, psychology, random encounters of the 8th kind. Go check it out.


Hire us to help you map out your brand with some stellar planning. We’ll make you a star or our name’s not Nippy Dimplepotamus. Say that name three times fast!

Ticket Support

Already hired us but forgot where the link is to get help? Here it is again. You’re welcome to use it. Unless your name is Jerry. Jerry, stop sending us pictures of your elbows. Seriously, stop it.